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Book Publishing Process

We have provided below the process for Publication of your Books

  1. Publications are undertaken in English & Tamil only.
  2. The Manuscript shall be typed and / or given in a CD to the General Secretary.
  3. The General Secretary shall hold a Publication Committee Meeting consisting of the Accountant, Editors, and Publication Co-ordinator to discuss the contents and nature of the manuscript for publication.
  4. Estimates will be called for from at least 3 Printers seeking their lowest rates for printing the book.  The quotations shall be received within a period of 15 days.
  5. On receiving the quotations, the Publication Committee will decide on the printer taking into consideration the number of copies to be printed.
  6. The Author shall be informed of the decision of the Publication Committee to print / or not to print the book.  The author shall purchase minimum 400 copies of the printed book at the Selling Price with a discount of 30%.  The Author is also entitled to a royalty of 10% depending on the number of copies sold each year.
  7. The author shall pay to the CLS the amount due for the 400 copies before the commencement of the printing work and the 400 copies will be delivered to the author immediately on receipt of the printed books from the Press.
  8. The book will be published within a period of 30 days.
  9. A copy of the printed book shall be sent to various libraries for Book Review and a copy shall be kept in the CLS Library for future edition.

  10. Please contact our office.