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The Bishop's Message

The CLS is one of the earliest institutions, which has been surviving by the Grace of the Almighty GOD, in spite of ups and downs it had to tread through.

The CLS was originally started in 1858 as a tract society to spread the good news through the print media and has been successfully publishing books and literature in English and vernacular languages. The CLS was the literature wing of the Church in South India, which produced worship materials such as songs, prayers and order of worship to be used in the churches.

Over the years, the CLS has been adapting itself to the changing scenarios and has upgraded its facilities and technological outlook to keep in pace with the times.

It gives me overwhelming joy to know that The CLS is now on the internet, which takes the service of the Society to a global audience and thus help spread the good news of salvation through the new media. I wish and pray that all the new initiatives launched by The CLS will benefit and bring about expected transformation in the life and witness of online users.

With Blessings

Rt. Rev. Dr. J. George Stephen