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Volume 1

Issue 1

September 2013

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do you have an article that you would like us to publish in the Newsletter ?

Send us a doc or pdf version of your write-up to us and if it is found suitable, we will publish it in the future issues

Books Showcase


The CLS Newsletter

Greetings !

We are happy to release the 1st issue of The CLS newsletter....

The Newsletter will feature stories, events and articles from the archives.

It will soon be available through e-mail also.

In this issue, we offer you

  1. "The CLS - Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow" - a Wonderful insight into the workings and objectives of the Society by The Rev. Dr. T Dayanandan Francis from the archives
  2. "History of CLS" - article in Tamil


The PDF files will open is a separate window for easier for full-screen view.

Happy Reading !